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Thoughts about my last kayaking trip

Hey! I'm back home from my trip to Colorado River. And I haven't had much time to post any updates in my blog.

Hope that you all are doing just fine! As of my trip - it was a blast. I had so much fun in it. This will surely be an event to remember.

It took a few days of paddling in which there were some ups and downs. But overall I'm really satisfied with it.

Funny thing is that one day a paddle broke and we didn't have any spares so that was a big concern. But lucky for us there was another company of paddlers that were so kind and offered us a spare one.

That was a real lifesaver and saved the trip for us.

The best thing that I liked about it was the sights. Man oh man those were just magnificent.

I'd recommend for anyone to take a trip through that river. You'll be amazed how it looks and feels when being there.

Also the costs are not that big if you are concerned about that part. There are also available good kayak rental shops. So you'll definitely find something that is available for you.

Now that I'm finished with it I can get my hands back on my inflatable sup :) Will do some more relaxed paddle sessions for the next few days.


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