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My new inflatable sup and the paddle board costs

Hey, great news! Today is the day when I got new inflatable sup. The old one that I used was finished. It felt like losing a dear friend. But oh well, nothing lasts forever. So I had to go shopping. But on the positive side, I would get a new board so that was something to look forward to. Of putting though was the paddle board cost.

A new board sure is nice, but yeah the price for a good board is not on the low side. I know I was looking for something good but yeah, the price still got me :)

Just so you know, I went with a Tower board - Xplorer model. You can see it here to learn more about it. It's definitely not cheap, but oh boy it's that good.

And here's a quick visual look at it.

It's a beauty, ain't it? :)

I got it with a little discount but the paddle board cost me still 890$. I'm not really that rich so I hurt my wallet a bit. But I hope I'll forget it soon and replace with the great feelings from my travels.

Until now I had just one ride with it so I can't comment about everything. But it sure felt nice. It was easy to handle, really stable and performed just excellent!

Can't wait for more paddling sessions, but for that, I'll need to wait for holidays as I've run out of free time. Hoping to check the board on rivers as my ride was on a lake. Water was a bit choppy but it sure wasn't like that of a river. So we'll see how it goes onward.

I'm definitely happy with the purchase but have to say it the paddle board cost did hurt a little bit.

Anyway, I'm now set for new adventures with my new sup board. Wait for new updates from me and happy paddling!


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