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Bright Idea: Paddling Lights for Winter

Tuesday, 3 May 2011 by Administrator

Those of us with the willpower to brave the dark, chilly mornings know that winter is actually a very special time of year to get out paddling. The mornings, especially, are crisp and calm, and watching the sun rise over misty water makes the frozen hands and feet worthwhile!

But there's an important safety aspect that mustn't be overlooked - paddle and kayak lighting and beacons. With the shorter days, chances are you'll be paddling in the dark from time to time, in which case, adequate lighting on both your person and craft is essential - in fact, it's law. And a simple head-torch won't cut it - on busy waterways like Port Phillip Bay, for example, where other paddle craft compete with swimmers, cargo ships and passenger ferries, it's crucial that your lighting is highly visible from all angles.

Outlaw Paddling partner, Peak Adventure, now has in stock marine-grade Tektite paddling and kayak strobes and beacons for both your person and craft. These are super-bright, waterproof and extremely hardwearing, so if you're tired of churning through headtorches and want a product that will withstand the saltwater, we highly recommed these products:


Strobe 200

The Best Strobe Anywhere!

The Tektite STROBE 200 Xenon strobe has nearly twice the burn time and is 30% brighter than competing strobes. Used by scuba divers, military and fire fighters worldwide. This double O-ring sealed unit will run 30+ hours on a set of batteries and can be seen for miles at night.

Includes velco strap to secure strobe to lifejacket.


Depth Rating: 500 feet (150 m)

Bulb: Xenon strobe

Bulb Life: 1,000,000+ flashes

Burn Time: 30+ hours

Batteries: 2 C-cell Alkaline

Weight: 0.75 lbs. (0.34 kg)

Dimensions: 7.25" (18 cm) L x 1.9" (5 cm) dia.


$90 incl. free postage (Australia-wide). Click here to purchase.



The Chemical Lightstick Alternative®

The brightest marker light available. This version of the Mark III is powered by 4 LEDs and is designed for situations where higher ambient light requires a high-intensity light.

Suction cup for securing to kayak included.


Depth Rating: 1,000 feet (300 m)

Lamp: 4 LEDs

Lamp Life: 10,000+ hours

Burn Time: 50+ hours

Batteries: 3 AA Alkaline

Materials: ABS and LEXAN?

Dimensions: 9.75" (25 cm) L x 1.2" (3 cm) Dia.

Weight: 0.48 lbs. (0.22 kg)


$65 incl. free postage (Australia-wide). Click here to purchase.




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